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In the range of the new generation of extinguishing agents, an innovative product is now available for the realization of effective fire-prevention. As an advanced highly effective fire suppression system, aerosol is firstly adopted in Russian aerospace technology.

This world smallest Manual fire extinguisher (PFE-1) unit is one of the best choices to replace conventional fire extinguishers, as a latest innovative product, help user to protect the residential applications, such as kitchen, car, boat and garage etc


  • MAFE is small in size because the extinguishing agent is dry and the container is not pressurized
  • MAFE does not require maintenance because the container is not pressurized
  • MAFE is equivalent to 6kg DCP or 3kg CO2 fire extinguisher
  • MAFE is perfect for fighting class A, B, C and Common Electrical Fires
  • MAFE is to be replaced after discharge or use
  • MAFE is discharged by electrostatic means by the push on the activation button
  • MAFE does not use battery, it works by electrostatics


   ** Portable, not weighty - can be used by everyone (ladies & children)
   ** No regular maintenance cost (no refill cost due to expiration or leakage)
   ** 10 years lifespan - no fire incident, then it's there for up to 10 years
   ** No leftover residue or particles after extinguishing fire
   ** Environmentally friendly - no Ozone layer depletion, no Global Warming
   ** No health hazard - nontoxic, not choky
   ** Not pressurized in cylinders like DCP or CO2 fire bottles
   ** Suits the aesthetics of rooms/offices, unlike DCP or CO2 fire bottles
   ** One extinguisher does it all - no more DCP or CO2 for different fire sources


1.  It can stay for up to 10 years and will not expire
2.  It is easy to operate and use under fire condition
3.  It does not require maintenance and it will not fail you when you need it
4.  It does not leave residue after use like conventional DCP fire extinguisher
5.  It is safe on environment and people unlike conventional CO2 fire extinguisher
6.  It is light weight unlike conventional DCP and CO2 fire extinguisher
7.  It SAVES you the annual maintenance costs associated with conventional DCP
    and CO2 fire extinguisher