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We deploy the Digital Linear Heat Detecting Cable (LHDC) for the detection of fire conditions related to various risks on petro-chemical storage sites. The LHDC system has a proven record of being an indispensable aspect of the protection regimes that prevent catastrophic events as shown in the above photograph.

Digital LHDC is unique in that it can be readily installed in close proximity to risks where flammable gases may ignite and will tolerate these arduous chemical and environmental rigors as a normal condition.

Rapid detection of anomalies permits early application of containment measures such as foam extinguishing.

image21Linear Heat Detection Cable

The Digital Linear Heat Detector comprises a twisted pair core cable. Each core is of passivated steel and has special heat reactive polymer insulation. The cable has an overall protective sheath.
The primary mechanism of heat (fire) detection is that the inner core insulating polymer is specially formulated such that it plasticizes at a specific temperature. The cable is constructed such that the twisted steel cores are in tension, and at the polymer trigger temperature the conductors connect. This provides an alarm signal to any associated monitoring device.

The LHDC is employed in the Hazardous Area by means of an Intrinsically Safe (IS) Barrier, and is monitored for open circuit fault conditions by inclusion of an End Of Line (EOL) device.
The LHDC has a fixed core resistance per metre. Thus the alarm point may be ‘located’ by appropriately calibrated control equipment.

LHDC is available with a number of alternative fixed operating temperatures, together with ruggedised types that have additional mechanical armouring such as stainless steel braid.



The storage plant facility is generally classified as a “Hazardous Area”. The LHDC installed to monitor the plant is connected by Intrinsically Safe Barriers. These IS barriers ensure that, even under fault conditions, ignition of flammable gases due to electrical sparks cannot occur.

The IS barriers, together with monitoring equipment (interface modules / fire panels), must be installed at a location designated as a “Safe Area”. Alternatively an “Explosion Proof” enclosure must house the barriers/interface, with the signals connected via suitably certified cabling to a remote safe location. Where the fire zone is at some distance from the ‘safe area’ the LHDC may be connected to the IS barriers via an interposing cable.

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