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We offer the ETI’s Engineered Dual Actuation Foam Fire Suppression System for the protection of high value assets for the Construction, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Transportation sectors.

ETI is the leader in the development of foam agent protection systems, having one of the most experienced people in the business at its technical helm. These types of systems have been installed on thousands of vehicles, and other equipment over the past 20 years, and have proved themselves as successful fire detection and suppression systems.

The ETI system is a fire fighting agent and water mix, which is designed as a local application system. As such it provides higher levels of cooling for class A & B fires, and is suitable for unenclosed or enclosed spaces.

The ETI Dual Actuation Fully Engineered Foam System has been designed to add benefits like:-

  • Choice and ability to mix rise of pressure (ROP) and loss of pressure (LOP) detection and actuation systems. No other company can offer this unique advantage!


  • Reinforced extra strong brackets, with the smallest possible space demand and ease of installation and maintenance

All of these features put the ETI Fully Engineered Foam Water Spray System ahead. It has been designed to allow various levels of protection; from fully automatic detection and suppression systems, full engine shut down and cabin monitoring, to simple suppression only systems, with manual actuation. Customers can decide for themselves what level of protection they wish to install on their equipment to meet industry requirements.


ETI foam fire suppression system is designed for fire fighting in the following applications:

  • Petroleum products loading bays
  • Fuel Tankers
  • Earth Moving Equipment such as Haul Trucks, Dozers, Grader, Wheel Loader, Excavator, Drill Rigs
  • Generator Enclosure
  • Aircraft Ground Support Vehicles
  • Oil & Gas (Platforms, Rigs, Wellheads)
  • Industrial (Transformers, Machines, Forklifts, etc)




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