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Leaders in Condensed Aerosol Technology

All FirePro Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Systems use the latest generation of the stable SBK aerosol forming solid compound (it does not contain pyrotechnic materials such as nitro-guanidine or nitro-cellulose). Upon activation, the solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly effecient and highly effective, fire extinguishing aerosol, based on Potassium salts.


The ability to effectively combat fire is not a matter of unnecessary expense in a luxury product. It is a sound investment, that may prove to be of vital importance.

  • Autonomous and automatic. There is no need for external electricity or pressure supply.
  • The coolant is a natural mineral. There is no danger of blockage of the outlet.
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness than other systems.
  • Does not damage property, machinery, electronics.
  • Its built in activation system ensures operation.
  • Activated electrically, thermally, manually.
  • Subject to negligible maintenance costs.
  • Non-pressurised containers
  • Space and weight saving.
  • Easy installation.